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The experiences of our designers and production engineers, our production facilities, ability to ensure required materials and manufacture whatever component enable us to offer production of final products with high added value.

We ensure to review the customer’s drawing documentation and prepare the manufacturing documentation, perform complete preparation of production including spot welding and welding jigs, machining jigs and fixtures, fabrication, assembly and testing of finished products at our testing facilities with the customer’s presence.

We process our own ideas for potential optimatisation of products during the serial production with aim to have the production more simple and efective. After customer´s approvel we ensure implementation to the production.

-Forklift component (Mast,Rear axle,Chasis,Hydraulic Cylinder,Side-Shifter)

-Excavator Component (Rubber track,Chasis,Arm,Boom,Hyd Cylinder)

Hydraulic Componenet


-Construction equipment

-Agricultural machinery

-Special road equipment and superstructures

-Railway equipment

-Solar pile driver machinery

-Solar panel cleaning machnery & tractor




-Truck mounted forklift