Basic industry operations

  • Purchase of materials
  • Preparation and cutting of sheet plates and profiles by laser, flame and saw on CNC machines
  • Rolling, cutting and bending of sheet metal primary parts on CNC machines
  • Material surface treatment by shot or sand blasting

Principal products

  • Production of components, groups and welded
  • assemblies for mini & medium size construction machines
  • Production of components, groups and welded
  • assemblies for road building machines
  • Production of accurate parts, groups and welded assemblies for handling equipment
  • Production of special structures and welded assemblies to the customer's requirements
  • Production of final products and their testing


  • Turning and milling operations on CNC vertical and horizontal machines
  • All locksmith and sheet metal work
  • Paint job operations
  • Forklift lift and equipment and final assembly
  • Hydraulic tank, hydraulic cylinder production
  • Production of light and heavy welded equipment
  • Quality control and tests according to customer requirements