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Mazaka is a company that constantly invests in its R&D unit and stands out with its R&D studies.

By following the latest developments in the world, the design process of the products and machines to be produced begins.

With its team of 12 engineers, they develop product and machine designs with SOLIDWORKS and auxiliary design programs, prioritizing functionality in line with the demands submitted by the customer, and prepare them for the production process.

Modern engineering centre (Inventor, ANSYS)

Designing of machine equipment and machines designs,

Project´s planning and construction of hydraulic and pneumatic systems designs,

Project´s planning and construction of cabling

3D modelling

Strength and elasticity analyses

Calculation by finite element method (FEM)

Kinematic diagrams

Catalogues and manuals

State-of-the art electronic system for documentation,

Archiving, printing a copying